On the linear behavior of the screening potential in high-density OCP plasmas

Do Xuan Hoi, Tran Thi Ngoc Lam

Tóm tắt

Based on the importance of the short range order effect of the plasmas OCP, which is expressed through the damped oscillations of the pair correlation function g(r), we carry out elaborate examinations of the location rmax as well as of the amplitude gmax of its first maximum for various values of the screening parameter and put forward for the first time the analytical formulae for these data. The linear variation of the screening potential for some interionic distance can be therefore explained thoroughly by considering the relation between this first maximum and the screening potential. Especially, using this accurate fit of gmax established for dense OCP plasmas, we expand it to the region of weakly correlated ones and point out the value GC of the correlation parameter for which there exists the onset of the short range order effect. This value is very close to ones proposed in other works.

Từ khóa

plasmas OCP, screening potential, pair correlation function, Monte Carlo simulations, linear behavior, threshold of short range order effect, analytical formula

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