Determination the ammonium separating in ground water by using polyurethane-derived carrier with microbial film technique

Tran Thi Kim Hoa, Huu Thi Ngan, Dao Duy Khanh, Pham Vy Anh

Tóm tắt

In order to determine the ammonium treating efficiency, several factors were investigated, including: carrier size and dimension, the volume of carrier, ammonium concentration… which impact on nitrification rate by two (02) techniques: moving and fixed bed microbial film. The results indicated that with moving bed microbial film technique, the best size and dimension of carrier is a cube with 1x1x1 cm, the content of carrier is of 20% in volume. However, fixed bed microbial film technique is favored by the cube of 2x2x2 cm carrier, the content of 50% in volume.

Từ khóa

ground water, ammonium, microbial film, moving bed, fixed bed, efficiency of carrier.

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